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Cosmetic Dentistry

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we offer various options and techniques to improve the look of your teeth. We can close gaps, brighten and reshape teeth, restore teeth that have been worn down or alter the length of your teeth to make them even. We offer a full range of cosmetic dental procedures that can vastly alter the look of your teeth, and enhance your overall look. Some of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. McMurray include bleaching, composite bonding, dental crowns, veneers along with reshaping and contouring teeth. Our job is to make you want to smile.

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If you are unsure of either the cost or time in a dental chair, Dr. McMurray can discuss a variety of options that may surprise you. He has options that include subtle changes all the way to major repairs, Dr. McMurray can perform a variety of tasks that will improve your smile. We can fix teeth that are discolored or stained, have been chipped, or misshapen or are even missing. Options include:

Teeth Whitening

We can whiten and brighten your teeth, quickly and easily. There are so many whitening options available that frequently patients have asked what is best. Over the counter whitening kits are limited in the amount of peroxide they can provide, most kits are 3% peroxide, they will work, but it will take time. Dr. McMurray is able to provide whitening services in two different formats, either a prescribed customized take home kit, which contain between 3%-20% peroxide based on your needs as observed by Dr. McMurray. Prescribed take home kits can take between one and two weeks to reach your goal. The third option is done in office, under Dr. McMurray's care. With him at your chairside, he is able to apply a pretty heavy dose of peroxide on your teeth. Because he takes the time to be extra cautious of not burning your soft gum tissue, he can apply anywhere from 15%-43%. This in-office teeth whitening option takes about one hour.

Dental Veneers

We can cover up front teeth that have been broken, chipped, severely stained, are poorly placed or have gaps with the placement of dental veneers. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that can be placed over the front face of any of your front eight teeth. Unlike a dental crown, which entirely encases a tooth, veneers only cover one side. We are able to shape the natural tooth below to hide that it is there, and decrease its size to allow the space for the veneer, and then place the veneer to hide any imperfections. Dental veneers will eventually need to be replaced but should last several years if properly cared for.

Dental Bonding

Dr. McMurray use composite filler to make simple repairs, improving the look of your teeth. He can make these repairs for significantly less money than it would cost placing a dental crown. Dental bonding can repair chips, cracks, fill in gaps and hide discoloration with composite filling material. Though this will not be a permanent fix, it should last you several years.

At South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery, we can give you the look and aesthetics you are looking for. For more information on cosmetic dental work, and the many options available to give you that perfect look, contact our Oral Surgeon, Joseph C. McMurray, DMD, MBA Inc. His staff is here to assist you. We proudly offer two office locations to better serve your needs. San Jose - (408) 479-9449 Gilroy - (408) 479-8788

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