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Proper Oral Hygiene Routines Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 11/23/2017 by Dr McMurray
Oral Surgery South Valley Oral and Facial Surgery CA 95123-1220
After oral surgery, it is important to follow proper oral hygiene routines. You can be at risk of infection if you do not clean your mouth properly. Instructions will be provided for you to follow based on the procedure you have scheduled.

Read over the instructions carefully and have any caregivers read them as well, so the proper protocols are followed to avoid any issue after surgery is completed.

Gauze Pressure

When having a tooth extracted, you will be told to use gauze pressure on the area where the tooth was removed. Gauze packs will need to remain in place as instructed. They can be changed in thirty-minute time frames or as needed based on blood flow.

You can wet the gauze slightly to be able to easily apply the gauze for comfort inside the mouth. The pressure must stay in place to keep the mouth clean of blood and help stop the bleeding over time.

Blood Clot Protection

When a tooth is extracted, the area where the surgery took place should create a blood clot. You are not allowed to rinse your mouth, smoke or drink with a straw within a 48-hour time frame after surgery. You may be prescribed an antibiotic mouthwash in order to rinse the area. If so, do so gently the night before your surgery.

Post-Op Clean
By day two, you will be better able to keep your mouth clean. Use prescription mouthwash as directed or use a salt water solution to rinse your mouth. Do this at least twice a day to keep the mouth clean.

Do not use mouthwash as the alcohol content can be irritating to the area of the surgery. Be sure to brush and floss all other areas of the mouth for proper hygiene.

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